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Want to keep up to date with what IT companies are doing right now? What products do they create, and how are they changing the world now?

There are many options to achieve this. For example, Google, watch YouTube or read popular magazines.

But all these approaches have one common drawback – from the Internet you will find out what happened yesterday, a month or a year ago.

Now let’s try to look into the future.

After all, it would be cool to know how IT will change the world tomorrow? What products will be created tomorrow, and what technologies will be needed tomorrow?

The answer to this question is on live events with live experts who are at the cutting edge of technology.

So, these are mainly hackathons and workshops.

Here you can lively touch the technologies of today and tomorrow.

At all the events that we hold – unique content.

If you bring the solution to the problem from the hackathon to the end, you will influence the way of tomorrow’s world.

If the company holds workshops, demonstrates unique content, and you go to work there, you will influence the way of tomorrow’s world together.

What are you waiting for?

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