Student program for companies

Looking for talented students?

Want to be the first to make contact?

So, really smart and talented students do not like direct hiring.

They want and are looking for challenging tasks.

And, in truth, they are potential customers of your brand. So, you need to sell your brand, your interesting tasks, advanced technologies that the company uses.

In our experience, you need to do two to four informational contacts with advanced students, especially if they already work.

And we know what kind of informational touches this is.

Examples: hackathons and workshops.

Before each event, we contact from 2 to 4 thousand students and IT specialists.

There are up to ten working mechanics.

Fill out the form at the link, and provide information on how to establish close contact with students and what mechanics work.

Meanwhile, these companies have already supported our events:

Join us!

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Computer Vision Hackathon in Odessa Succeeded
ML+AI Hackathon in e-Health & Open Data
Data Science Hackathon: eHealth + eData(eGov)
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