Hackathon 7.12 has officially taken place!

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14 teams, more than 50 participants, 6 experts and many impressions!

Thank you to all the participants and experts, volunteers and partners, because nothing would happen without you all!

During the hackathon, the team solved two tasks from a general partner, Apostera, and another, a traditional one, from the Ukrainian ACM Chapter (Association for Computing Machinery).

The teams demonstrated many interesting solutions for both photo-oriented (non-GPS) and automated augmented reality (AR) testing. The jury praised the progress of the teams and the results demonstrated.

We would like to express our gratitude to the hackathon experts for their inspiring work and assistance to the teams of participants – Valery Krygin (Apostera), Artem Kushnir (Apostera), Anton Smirnov (Apostera), Viktor Sakharchuk (Svitla Systems), Ivan Panchenko (ACM Ukraine) and ACM Ukraine (ACM Ukraine), as well as the organizing team of Hackathon Expert Group. By the way, some of the experts specially came from other cities to our hackathon, for which they have a special thank you!

Until the next hackathons! Everything is just beginning!

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