Apostera at CSC Faculty

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09/30/2019 Hackathon Expert Group organized a meeting of students with Apostera, which develops advanced AI solutions in the auto industry to autonomize control and driver assistance, in particular, using augmented reality technologies.

Participants delightedly plunged into the world of innovative solutions in an industry such as the auto industry, where each solution must be balanced, follow standards and be thoroughly tested, because it is directly related to life safety.

Victor Sdobnikov, co-founder & CTO Apostera, spoke about the beginning of the company, experience and modern leading developments for the auto industry, as well as about urgent tasks for the industry.

We were glad to get to know the leading company in the automotive industry, which is developing rapidly, and its world-class achievements! The participants listened with interest to the speaker and for a long time did not let go after meeting with questions about networking-pizza-party.

Thanks to Victor for an interesting and informative story and we are waiting for the next workshop to get to know the tasks and developments of the company closer!

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